Hey! Thanks for stopping by. I’m Kestrel Blackmore, and I have one goal: Make you better off than you were before you met me.

Maybe you’re struggling making the transition from developer to manager. Or you’re overworked, trying to juggle both coding tasks and management duties. Perhaps you’re afraid to delegate, and are barely getting by.

I’ve been through all of that. Stumbling in the dark for years until I figured out all the mistakes I was making. I want to help you avoid these mistakes.

Kestrel and Skye

That’s me with my gorgeous wife :)

So why should you listen to me?

I’ve been in and around the world of software development for over 14 years and recently I’ve been in management for around four years. My first introduction was like many of us — I was simply thrust into it. Once the number of developers I was managing started to head north of three people I quickly realized that I was ill prepared for what lay ahead.

So I educated myself. Over time, I grew as a manager, got further promotions, and I now lead teams of people. I’m passionate about helping software developers grow their management skills — ideally without all the roadblocks and setbacks I experienced.

Guest Appearances

I’ve written a number of articles and been interviewed for several podcasts.