MSP 006 : Career Advancement Hacking with Josh Doody

MSP006 Josh Doody

Today I’m interviewing Josh Doody and boy what a great interview. Josh has some excellent advice across a whole range of topics. In particular keep an ear out for his 2 step process to getting promoted.

I really loved this interview with Josh. He had some great thoughts around gaining trust with your team, career advancement and creating your own competitive advantage.

Josh is a former Electrical Engineer, Project Manager and Consultant in the Software Industry. He’s the author of the book “Mastering Business Email” and has recently released another book titled “Fearless Salary Negotiation”.


Topics covered in the show:

  • Why he left the safety of a government job
  • Empathy, the secret soft skill
  • Managers need to facilitate the profitability of the business (keep your team happy)
  • Going overboard with your team to improve communication flow
  • Gaining trust with your team
  • Stopping one-on-one’s turning into status updates
  • The 2 step process for getting promoted
  • Looking for your competitive advantage when it comes to your career
  • Josh’s entrepreneurial journey and the two books he has written
  • Logically doing things to set yourself up for a win
  • Biggest joy comes from helping staff advance their career and personal goals

Advice for new managers:

  1. Do the 2 step process for getting promoted
  2. Find a mentor and ask for input
  3. Immediately start building rapport with your team

Links and resources mentioned in the show:

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