MSP 002 : The Importance of Feedback and Coaching with Johanna Rothman

MSP002 - Johanna Rothman

Today I’m excited to be interviewing Johanna Rothman. Her book “Behind Closed Doors: Secrets to Great Management” was pivotal when I first began my management career.

Johanna helps leaders and teams see problems and resolve risks in their product development. She’s the author of close to a dozen books and writes a blog on her web site


Topics covered in the show:

  • Don’t micromanage
  • As a manager you may no longer have the technical experience required to make informed decisions
  • Managers should manage strategy, coaching and feedback
  • Providing feedback is extremely important as are private conversations
  • Traditional performance reviews are becoming obsolete
  • Manage your weaknesses and build on your strengths
  • Management by walking around

Advice for new managers:

  1. Establish great rapport with your team
    • have one-on-ones
    • get to know them as individuals
    • help them achieve their career goals
  2. Understand the risks your team faces
  3. Define what kind of manager you want to be

Links and resources mentioned in the show:

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