MSP 004 : Taking Charge of One’s Destiny with Kate Matsudaira

MSP004 Kate Matsudaira

Today I’m interviewing Kate Matsudaira who has had a lot of experience in big corporates, through startups and crowdfunding.

Kate Matsudaira specializes in building and operating large-scale web applications/sites and has extensive experience building and managing high performance teams that create really amazing technology to solve important problems.

Kate has also created a little notebook all about setting goals and achieving your dreams, called The Spark Notebook, funded via KickStarter.


Topics covered in the show:

  • Alternatives to formal¬†performance reviews
  • The story behind The Spark Notebook
  • Why one-on-ones are so important and how they build trust with your team
  • Management is helping others be successful, grow, and develop
  • Benefits of inserting oneself into new situations and taking charge
  • Presenting a balanced view of your staff to your manager
  • Parlaying the position you are in now for your next position

Advice for new managers:

  1. Talk to your manager about your goals and ways to get that experience
  2. Even if it’s not your job put your hand up when something needs doing
  3. Make sure you are knocking the ball out of the park

Links and resources mentioned in the show:

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