MSP 005 : Being Hands On vs Being Strategic with Rebecca Murphey

MSP005 Rebecca Murphey

Today I’m interviewing Rebecca Murphey. At the time of the recording Rebecca had recently transitioned from a developer into a technical lead.  Since then Rebecca has moved to another position as a developer but you’ll still get some useful insight on what the initial stages are like.

Rebecca is now a software engineer at Indeed, where she works on the front-end technology behind the world’s #1 job site. She has spoken at dozens of conferences around the globe on front-end development and is also the host of the TTL podcast.


Topics covered in the show:

  • Changing careers from desktop publishing to front end development
  • Thoughts around whether one is still a legitimate software engineer if they no longer contribute code
  • Difficulty of knowing when to step away and trusting things will get sorted
  • The five questions to ask to better understand something
  • You should be making your bosses job easier, not harder
  • Having frank conversations with mentors
  • Benefits of raising one’s profile in the community
  • Hosting the TTL Podcast

Advice for new managers:

  1. You have to really want it. Don’t do it because someone else thought it was a good idea.
  2. Find a mentor and talk to them a lot
  3. Fix problems. Listen a lot. Take action.

Links and resources mentioned in the show:

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