Helping Software Developers Become Managers

Helping Software Developers Become Managers

Let me explain the purpose of this blog and why I use the tag line “Helping Software Developers Become Managers”.

No doubt you are a well read software developer and would know there are thousands if not millions of blogs, articles, books, podcasts and videos devoted to the topic of software development. The majority of this information is focused around three areas:

  • Theory. The philosophies or concepts around software development.
  • Technique. How to do something with a specific language or technology.
  • Process. How we structure and organize projects for delivery.

This is the stuff that we love as software developers and we eagerly devour this content with glee. Mention the word ‘management’ though and most software developers will roll their eyes with deep consternation.

And therein lies a problem.

When a software developer starts transitioning into management they quickly realize they’ve spent far too much time honing the above skills and not enough time on developing their management skills. It explains why most technical people suck at being managers.

That’s why I started the ‘Managing Smartly’ blog… to “help software developers become software managers”.

As a software developer you have the potential to become a great manager because you already understand the technical side of software development so well. All that’s required is to learn some practical management skills so you can focus your effort and attention on the areas that a manager should.

So have have a look around, sign up for the weekly newsletter below and hit the ground running on your journey from a software developer to a software development manager!